Post 1 - Cecil is Full of Crap

Cecil here, boys and girls. By the's (Ses-il). (See-sil) just sounds pretentious. I'll be your magical, wine straw loving centaur guide.

Odds are, you stopped at Gifts That Suck for the products - the hilarious, unique, possibly hangover inducing products. But wait, they have a blog you say? Cecil gives advice you say? Is he qualified to do that?

To answer your well thought out questions - yes, yes and absolutely 100% no. But I'm going to do it anyway.

Should you need answers to life's most complex and daunting questions such as:

- Why won't that girl talk to me even after I left that note made out of cut out magazine letters in her mailbox?

- I drop kicked my friend's burrito after she said she didn't understand the point of the whole "voting thing". Too much?

- Don't you love puppies?! (That's a big affirmative on that one)

Send your questions and pictures of you loving our products to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and use the hashtag #giftsthatsuck. Maybe...JUST MAYBE...I'll respond here in an undoubtedly unhelpful yet entertaining way. I'll be posting some of my own lovely insights as well when your questions just get too weird.

Welcome to Cecil's Horsesh*t! I'd strap in if I were you...

Nick McGuire